Our Story

My health journey began in 2011 when I dived head first, deep into the wonderful studies of Naturopathy. In 2013, we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl who turned our life upside down and shook us out the other end with wider eyes and a quest to make the world a better place for her.  

Baby Girl showcasing an Ecomumma Modern Cloth Nappy

A dear friend of mine introduced us to modern cloth nappies. I have never looked back and that deep sense of satisfaction we got from converting, had me hooked. A few months later, Ecomumma was born :) She was a happy and healthy baby hobby which kept me connected to the outside world, whilst in the depths of early motherhood.

Ecomumma organically grew in the local Macarthur region and encouraged us to keep expanding our knowledge of an earth friendly lifestyle, nourishing our bodies, our home and the environment. Our journey has evolved ever since and now incorporates my learnings as a Naturopath. My holistic view of health includes all aspects of our body and environment so it felt so natural to create a healthy home and environment to support a healthy, balanced body and mind. 

Ecomumma and Charli getting ready for the local baby market

We select only products that are low impact to the environment, choosing organic, biodegradable or recycled materials where possible. All products are chosen ethically and with our earths best interest at heart. Our goal is to make it simple for like minded families to start making earth loving changes and to really showcase how a few swaps can make such a huge difference for our health. For the latest tips and advice, please follow us @ecomumma on Instagram and Facebook or book in a private consultation or group workshop here

Ecomumma Professional Shot