3 Tips to Quick and Easy Dinners!

One of the biggest challenges that my clients bring up is no time for healthy dinners. Let me tell you, I get it! You work all day, your sleep deprived, you havnt had a chance to wee in peace, let alone think about dinner... I am right here with you!


When you are strapped for time but really need a nourishing meal... you get creative! And these are the 3 top tips I give all of my clients to be able to get simple, healthy meals on the table most nights!


1. Always see cooking as an opportunity to double cook ~ I purposely plan my meals around what I can double cook. If I cant double up the recipe and have leftovers for the next night or freeze some for another night, its unlikely to make its way to my oven.

2. Meal Plan ~ This is such an overkill statement but seriously... cut out 5 minutes of scroll time to make a quick list of 7 meals in your phone. When you shop, make sure you get the ingredients and 'Mum whats for dinner', becomes a thing of the past. I write my list on my back door for everyone to see. I just send them to the list!

Meal Plan


3. Master 3 x 10 minutes meals and always have those ingredients onhand ~ Mine are; fish parcels, stirfry and omelettes. If you have 3 that you can whip up with a baby on your hip, a screaming toddler and a banging headache, you are more likely to eat a nourishing meal than drive through Maccas and get that dredded post Maccas binge crash! (because lets face it, you are the main person who we need to nourish here!)

Ill break down my 3 easy meals for you incase it helps;


FISH PARCELS - On a pan, place a big sheet of baking paper, 4 frozen fish pieces of choice, a few handfuls of baby tomatoes and spinach, a sprinkle of capers, a blob of butter, a drizzle of olive oil, a handful of parsley and lemon wedges. Season well, wrap up and bake at 180 for 40 minutes. Its self saucing and just amazing!

STIRFRY - Sautee diced beef, minced garlic and ginger, diced onion until golden. Add a pack of already sliced veggies and precooked rice noodles and stir through. Top with a good splash of tamari, fish sauce, lime juice, a sprinkle of coconut sugar and a handful of chopped coriander and serve.

OMELETTES - A great way to hide minced veggies. Cook all your veg, protein and onion first until fragrant and then pour through your whisked eggs and cheese. It makes for a more tasty omelette.


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Thank you so much for sharing your precious time with me and as always, be well. Charmaine xxx

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